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  8. Indian Wedding Reception at Beaumont House
  9. Ash & Priya - Indian Wedding - Metropolitan Chigwell Hall
  10. Nikhil & Kreena Civil Wedding - Landmark Hotel, London
  11. Jay & Rakhee Indian Wedding - Hilton park Lane
  12. Ashwin & Jayna Civil Ceremony - Oxford Town Hall
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  15. Destination Wedding Photographer India
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  17. Kavit & Sheena Wedding Reception - Manor of Groves
  18. Hari & Renu Prewedding Shoot
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  21. Komal & Vinod Hindu Swaminarayan Temple Wedding - Willesden
  22. Surabh & Raakhee Indian Asian Wedding -Whittlebury Hall
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  25. Alpesh & Ria Wedding - Quendon Parklands
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  27. Kamal & Geeta Veydic Wedding
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  30. Vikesh & Vejal Engagement - Natural History Museum
  31. kreena-civil-wedding-landmark-hotel-london
  32. Prabhjot & Amisha Indian Sikh Gurdwara Wedding
  33. Kirun & Meera Engagement
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  35. Alpesh & Ria Wedding Ceremony - Quendon Parklands
  36. Shakti & Kushboo Indian Asian Wedding - Syon Park
  37. Hinesh & Heena Prewed - Southbank London
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  41. Nikhil & Kreena Civil Ceremony
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  47. Tilak & Minal Prewedding Shoot
  48. Dipan & Shinal Indian Wedding - Braxted Park
  49. Nikhil & Kreena Civil - Landmark Hotel, London
  50. Neesh & Aarti Indian Wedding - KP Hall, Kenton
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  52. Prabhjot & Amisha - Prewedding Shoot
  53. Neil & Dhrupa Indian Asian Wedding - Newland Manor
  54. Sumeet & Nicola Wedding - The Grove
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  56. Ambrish & Shirel Wedding - Thistle, Heathrow
  57. Samip & Deviata Indian Gujearti Wedding - Epsom Racecourse
  58. Nikhil Kreena Indian Wedding - Oshwal Centre, Potters Bar
  59. Mayhul & Dipa Prewedding Shoot
  60. Shohin & Nilam Prewedding Shoot
  61. Rohin & Nishi Indian Gujerati Wedding - Raddison Blu
  62. Neesh & Aarti Civil Ceremony - Aynhoe Park
  63. Wedding Reception at the Natural History Museum
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  65. Indian Gujarati Wedding Photography
  66. Indian Wedding Photography at Newland Manor
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  68. 0cai30qq3ky
  69. Indian Wedding Photography at the KP Hall in Kenton
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  71. Fire Breathing Wedding Entertainment
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‘So what do you both do for a living’?

Often we get asked this question by people to which our reply is we are ‘Wedding Photographers’. The younger generations generally reply in an enthusiastic manner ‘Wow, that’s amazing’ which reinforces our view that the profession we are doing is definitely worthwhile. However occasionally with the few elders in the Asian community their reply tends to be  ‘Oh OK’. There is a general look of dismay on their faces that we are not Doctors, Lawyers or Accountants.  What they fail to appreciate is that we went to university and studied other subjects, but today, out of choice, we are very fortunate to be in a profession that we absolutely LOVE!

It is a true blessing being in a ‘job’ (if we can call it that) where the environment is charged with a high level of positive energy, filled with prayers and people experiencing one of the most happiest days of their lives, looking their best wearing an array of styles & colours.

Having the pleasure to share with our couples the start of their new journey together and to freeze those special moments for them, which will be enjoyed in years to come is something we really value.

No two days are the same and that’s what we admire about this profession. Each wedding is different in terms of the people, the décor, weather & the lighting conditions. Our job is extremely challenging and thus keeps us on the edge.

How did you get involved with photography?

We have two beautiful children, Isha & Amaan. In fact they are the reason we ended up becoming photographers. Through the experience of becoming parents we started documenting their lives and watching them develop and grow.

This is how we formed the name for our company Isha (i-) Amaan (maani).

Watching them everyday is a privilege.

Both of us feel extremely grateful finding ourselves in the position where we can relate to our couples from the perspective of being married ourselves, however we can also relate to their mothers and fathers from the viewpoint of being parents.

So what experience do you have?

We cover mostly Asian Wedding Photography ranging from Hindu, Sikh, Muslim & South Indian weddings. However, in the past we have also covered Christian Weddings. Whatever the type of wedding celebration we are open to exploring new and diverse cultures and traditions.

We are based on the outskirts of London but have also photographed destination weddings in Los Angeles, Florida, Paris, India & Italy. We have worked in a variety of wedding venues in the UK, some of the popular being: Beaumont House, Effingham Copthorne Hotel, Newland Manor, Saatavis Hall, Oshwal Centre, Hare Krishna Mandir, Moor Park, Shendish Manor, The Landmark Hotel, Sofitel Hotel Heathrow, The Grove, The Natural History Museum, Wrest Park, Hedsor House & Syon Park.

What’s your style?

The reason our work appeals to our clients is that it is very clean, contemporary and gives a look that is real and true to the day. We do not believe in over processing the images. We manipulate light in various methods to achieve the desired look for our images. We love to capture the real essence of the day, by producing captures that are striking and vivid in colour, which reflect all the emotions felt on the day. We capture natural expressions, without staging or interfering in the ceremonies. Our style is a documentary approach and the images tell a story.

What is your approach to your clients?

We genuinely believe it’s imperative to have a personal and trusting relationship with your wedding photographer. Each couple is unique, so we therefore feel it is important to invite our clients over for a consultation where we can discuss and fully understand the requirements. For couples that are abroad we arrange meetings over Skype. We believe in building a relationship with our couples from the time they book, right up until the wedding day itself and afterwards. Our couples feel completely comfortable with us on the day. We prefer to ‘break the ice’ with close family and friends on the day, allowing them to feel more comfortable and relaxed with us. This results in us being able to capture lovely natural expressions on the day. Overtime we have developed a very close bond with some of our couples, and they often feel like family.

Further Information

We would be extremely honored if you could take the time to explore our portfolio. If our style of photography appeals to you then we would absolutely love to hear from you!