What an epic event! Even during the pandemic, Roma and Vinal were able to pull off a 'drive in' cinema style wedding with all of their close family and friends, whilst maintaining all of the social distancing rules. It was lovely for us to be a part of the small intimate wedding that took place inside the Orangery at Braxted Park, while everyone else enjoyed the ceremony on the big screen in the open air whilst ordering hot pizzas and chips via Segways :). 

Let the games begin

Such a small world! Another one of our clients (Parit) was there on the day riding and getting just as wet with us!

Our journey with Vinal and Roma has been an interesting one and unlike any other we have experienced with our wonderful couples.

Little did we know, when we did their prewed shoot at the end of February this year, where we captured a fun photograph of them wearing face masks as a joke before they became compulsory.

It turns out, the joke was on us, as we would be capturing their wedding ceremony wearing face masks ourselves!

Although there was plenty of rain on the day, it didn’t stop the couple, their families and all of the suppliers, to come together to make the day a memorable one for the couple. Soggy socks, wet clothes, sniffles and a sticky two and a half hour drive home for us, but it was well worth the experience!

Roma & Mum getting ready

The wonderful Ambreen at work

Vinal and Roma have been truly amazing, through the highs and lows of rescheduling their wedding, the whole uncertainty of whether their wedding was going to take place, they both remained extremely positive and managed to pull off an event unlike any other we have captured, and one which will be remembered for years to come.

You can see from this video, the amount of mud and grass as we travelled on a golf buggy down to the main field where most of the guests had parked.

At this point we were waiting for Vinal and his entourage to officially arrive for the ceremony.

Such wet fun!

An Intimate Affair

A Very PrOUD Moment For The Parents


The great thing about this wedding was that even though we were all freezing and soaked through, there was no sun, the power of the rain was intensifying, no barrier was breaking the atmosphere, which we found incredible.

We all left the Orangery after the wedding to head down to the cinema area to play the wedding games in the provided golf buggies.

After lunch, Vinal & Roma made their entrance outside to greet all of their guests. The atmosphere was electric even though everyone was wet and muddy too!

The newlyweds drove through the center of the parked cars waving at everybody while being cheered on and congratulated by a barrage of car horns and flashing lights.

It was truly an unforgettable scene. Check out the video on the left to see what we mean!

The wedding industry has suffered greatly during this pandemic. It was so nice for us as well as other suppliers to be back at work. After so long were we able to see our friends and colleagues (not all of them), we missed you. We pray that our businesses can survive this time and return next year stronger, fitter and ready to do what we all do best.  In the meantime, if drive-through weddings can help to keep the wedding industry alive, then bring on some more!!

Thank You

Vinal & Roma, we want to thank you for being such a special couple and giving us the opportunity to shoot your wedding, it was incredible to capture.

Looking back at our career, when we first started to shoot weddings, we would sometimes feel like we had wet our pants due to the pressure of capturing someone's big day, however yours was the day we actually did!

We wish you both all the best for the future and look forward to the big celebratory reception party next year!

Love you both x

A very special thanks to all of the suppliers we worked with that we have tagged below. Well done to everyone for pulling this event together, a real team effort! But a special thanks to Saheli Events for really coordinating and ensuring that the whole plan came together!

Captured by D.J Shraii