A Beautiful Home Wedding

Harshiv & Telina decided to have their wedding at home in North West London. It was an absolutely beautiful garden themed setting. The glass roof marquee allowed for some gorgeous light to fall on to the mandap and guests giving a warm calming atmosphere to the whole event. A fabulous jaan arrival with our hero Harshiv who we do believe is a lookalike of the Bollywood actor Rakesh Roshan and keep teasing him about it. He looked like royalty on his entrance, while the stunning Telina looked like a queen when she entered in her beautiful Sabyasachi outfit.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with both families from the get go. They have been so welcoming and accommodating to us and have really treated us like their own at all of the events. It was such a privilege to be a part of this loving families events. Check the tags below for the wonderful suppliers that we worked alongside on the day.

Plate Smashing

After the Civil earlier in the year in Mykonos, Greece, Harshiv & Telina deciding to bring the Greek tradition of plate smashing back to the UK.

After the wedding had finished and the couple were ready to leave we had a massive plate smashing ceremony right outside the house.

It's so nice for us to capture moments from various cultures, but when they get all mashed up together, it's even better!

What a Ride!

There was a beautiful Rolls Royce dawn arranged to drive the couple away at the end of the wedding. Harshiv & Telina had planned with us that when they drive off we would follow in another car and meet them at the chosen location for portraits.

When it came to Telina getting in this car, her beautiful Sabyasachi outfit with a mesh net puffy lengha was so puffy that it would not allow her to get into the back of this stunning motor!

After trying a few times, Harshiv & Telina opted for a ride in the Ford Focus that we were supposed to be going in and we ended having a great time in the wedding car!

It was a smooth ride.....but a very windy one! Check our Instagram for the video!