When James from our team asked us to cover his wedding ceremony to the gorgeous Dhrusha, how could we refuse?

It was a question of being a guest and watching another photographer at work, or us getting our hands dirty and covering a very close friend and colleagues ceremony at the stunning Syon House in Syon Park, London.

Dad IS Always with Me

Unfortunately Dhrusha's Dad passed away before the wedding, due to ill health. He was sorely missed during the day, but the most touching thing we have ever seen was that Dhrusha attached a photo of her Daddy to her bouquet and even though in the photos it looks like she is walking down the aisle alone, she is walking with him ❤️ . It was such a beautiful moment.

One Heart

This was a totally cool idea and very original. James & Drusha had their fingerprints combined as one heart which was then framed.

Never seen anything like this before and it really demonstrates how two hearts become one!