A Family Affair

The wedding of Janesh & Bina was beautifully conducted by none other than Kamal Pandey. What really struck a chord with us about Bina was her family. Her father and his 4 brothers and their families all live together in one house and they are the most incredible group of people you will ever meet. They have been so loving and caring towards us it has been really unbelievable.

From the moment we covered the Civil Ceremony at Bombay Brasserie in London we fell in love with the warmth of the family and we have already had our dinner invitation with them, which of course without a doubt we will be attending. Janesh (also known as Jan Clooney) for his 'Georgess' style and charisma has been a real charmer with us from the start. This dashing groom was a really chilled out cruiser from the very first event and stayed composed throughout the ceremony.

It was wonderful to work as a wider team alongside Shendish Manor, Pattie Pannu, Kamal Pandey, Shiv Gopal, Clearcut Production, Shagun Weddings and Annapurna Caterers.