An Italian Event in Surrey


A big congratulations to Jesel and Vandini on their Civil & Reception last weekend! ❤️. When Jesel invited us early last year to capture his events this summer, we were so excited to be working with the family again. We captured Jesel's sister Roshni and hubby Ashish a few years back and it was an awesome experience to work with these families, so this was a little reunion for the family and suppliers. It was also wonderful to meet Roshni & Ashish's baby daughter Arya, who is the cutest little princess..

Meeting Vandini was fabulous she has the most infectious smile and a laugh that would never leave you feeling down! Jesel & Vandini both really wanted a chilled relaxed reception at home after everything they have been through like many other couples with Covid, the whole situation has been overwhelming for everyone, so these guys decided to have their reception in a marquee layout with an Italian vibe..................boy did they pull it off! It was an absolute delight to shoot, albeit a very tasty one! Bring on the wedding!

The Graze..

The couple had arranged for a 10ft grazing table that was scrumptiously packed out with all sorts of breads, cheeses, olives, fruits, salads, oils, stuffed tomatoes, humous, pretzels, dried fruit, pickles, sauces and much much more from The Grazing House.

It truly was an incredible sight to feast your eyes on, (and your belly 😋) Everyone was keen to dig in to what was on offer.

A very creative Mediterranean decor theme was extremely cute with fresh lemons and oranges displayed around the marquee at home by Wed In Style, with all the intricate little details that gave the complete Italian feel to this event.

Ashish & Roshni

It's one thing to see your previous couple after a few years, but then to meet their little baby and to see them turn into responsible young parents is really something special.


Here is a sneaky moment courtesy of Roshni & Ashish where we had taken Arya for a little tour of the marquee, it was hard to hand her back she is the most adorable little princess. We were left feeling very broody! 💕

🍕 Pizza Time 🍕

Watching these guys from The Pizza Project was so intriguing, the way they would flip the dough and stretch it out in true Italian style. Nobody can ever get enough of fresh stone baked Pizza and this incredible team just kept it coming for the guests to devour.


We had a blast shooting their portraits as Vandini found it quite a challenge being serious and would burst out into fits of laughter … bringing out her fun personality, which is what we love about her the most. She has the most infectious laugh!

Not all couples like posed portraits so it was nice to bring in some of the fun bloopers and show off their real personalities!! 🤣


Both Jesel and Vandini were completely and utterly brought to the edge of embarrassment by some of the speeches which were very insightful for us.

Guys we can see you both now in a completely different light!

suppliers like a Boogie!

We never take our work that seriously that we dont have a laugh on the day, high spirits always makes a great experience, especially when your working with HOM Productions!