When Saagar & Komal contacted us back in June 2018 they were planning for their big 2020 summer wedding. Little did anybody know what COVID-19 had in store for all of us. It has been a really difficult time for many of our couples who have had their weddings planned around last year and this year. Patience is something that everybody has had to develop to get through this period. As with many of our couples, these guys have had date changes, venue changes, guest changes, you name it they have done it, but with all said and done they pulled off an incredible wedding this weekend at the stunning South Lodge Hotel in Horsham.

Once we got our establishing shots to set the scene of the story we headed on to the main room where the ceremony was happening. We bumped into Rashpal from Mistique Events who (by the way did an excellent job at coordinating the day) showed us around and we walked across the venue to check out where everything was happening from Jaan arrival to portraits. The decor set up by Mistique Events was incredible with painted backdrops and laced with gorgeous florals from Uniflora.

It’s always interesting on the actual wedding day to see the venue in a different light. No matter how many times you shoot at a venue or do a site visit it always has a different look on the day and only then does your brain start kicking in with ideas and concepts to develop the story. It was wonderful to see our good friends Kamal Pandey and Shiv Gopal after what seemed like a decade since we had worked together.  We also met up with videographers Bhavesh and Prakash from Samsara who we had not worked with for many years so it was a great reunion all around. 

It was time to go and meet Komal in her room to capture some of the ‘getting ready’ photographs. These are always a great scene-setter for the story and really help build the excitement of the bride as she prepares for her special day. On entering Komal’s room she was getting the final touches from Dee Glam and Tina K who had made her look like an absolute queen.

As we got shots of mum dad emotions were running high and things were getting very real. The realisation of the wedding drawing near was on everyone’s minds. We finished off and had to head back as pre-wedding ceremonies were starting. After capturing those it was time to go and meet Saagar. The word was out that he was making his way down to the meeting point.

Cameras loaded, extra cards in tow and off we go! We met up with Sagaar and this was the first time we were meeting in person! Guests were now starting to arrive and anticipation was building with the general wedding buzz and waiting for the groom and his family to make their entrance. We met up with the incredible boys from Drummers Delight who really get the crowd going, they are like masters of ceremonies with drums! The hard-bodied sound of a dhol really gets our blood flowing. It brings such excitement, a good dhol always brings a smile to our faces, along with the other hotel guests who were enjoying their breakfast! Special thanks to Shayona for our lovely breakfast and lunch!

Kamalji as always provided a very beautiful and spiritual ceremony that was very emotional all around. His ceremonies are always so incredible to listen to as his way of explaining the ceremony is very simple, yet very deep at the same time. He has a way of taking you on a journey but a great laugh at the same time!

Komal being the fun-loving character that she is, requested for Shiv to play some unplugged 90's Bollywood themed tracks and it was so refreshing with what Shiv came up with. It took us back to our days at University listening to classic Bollywood. It created such a fun atmosphere and the guests absolutely loved it.

We are so touched by the review that Saagar and Komal have left on our Facebook page. It's a blessing for us to work with such wonderful clients and their testimonial is a true reflection of what great relationships we hold with our couples and their families❤️ 🙏🏽