Rain wont stop this one..

We were so excited to finally shoot Suraj & Vidhi's wedding events, after they booked us early in 2019! We were even happier as their events were being held at Hedsor House, which is literally a 10-minute drive from us! We had been invited to capture their special two days. The first for the Haldi Ceremony and Mehndi Party followed by the Wedding & Reception on the next day.

First up was the Haldi Ceremony to be held in the sunken gardens.

This is an age old tradition from India where it is believed that applying turmeric paste to the skin of the bride and the groom is not only a blessing, but is also fantastic for the skin, making it blemish free and giving each other a healthy glow!

These guys already looked like they had a healthy glow from the excitement of finally getting married!

Within ten minutes of shooting the ceremony the heavens opened and the rain began to fall. The mood however was so upbeat, everybody was happy to be out with the couple and take part in the ceremony, it was so amazing to see. The venue provided lots of umbrellas so nobody was short, not even us!

As you can see, everybody was having a blast colouring Suraj & Vidhi and even most of the guests got covered, luckily we managed to stay away from the yellowness and used our cameras as an excuse to not get covered!

On the wedding day Vidhi was super relaxed and that was all brought about by the lovely Natalia who did an incredible job on Vidhi's whole bridal look. Hedsor House always has beautiful rooms to use with exquisite decor and themes. It really is a photographers dream!

Suraj really enjoyed playing his role as groom on the day, his poise and stature on horseback was incredible, he really carried himself well. Suraj loves a great entrance and a great photo!!

It was fantastic working with both Suraj & Vidhi's families. They all made us feel so welcome and looked after us as guests rather than suppliers. We are blessed to have such wonderful clients!

The day before was a real work as the weather forecast was showing 70% rain which meant an indoor wedding with masks. Vidhi was really worried about everyone being covered up for her big day. She took an executive decision to have the wedding outside despite the weather and we would all be prepared with umbrellas again. She must have prayed hard as it was dry the whole morning and we had the wedding outside which was incredible, just how she had imagined it. Vidhi made the bold decision to make her entrance alone which also worked amazingly well, Vidhi you really managed to pull it off and have the wedding outside as you visioned !!!

The boys at Gayatri did an incredible job to shift the entire wedding outside and keep everything looking fantastic. We also had Pammy from Ragasan running the day and making sure that everything was kept to time and everybody was served. We always love working with Pammy as she shows such dedication on the job and always looks after the suppliers :).

Soham Acharya performed such a beautiful ceremony for the couple outside. All in all it was an amazing day and we are so happy that Suraj & Vidhi finally managed to tie the knot after what has been an extremely difficult year! A big congratulations to them both and wish them all the best for the future.