A Trip To Croydon

As a rule we stopped doing family weddings a good few years ago. There is nothing wrong with doing a family wedding, however it's really hard to work and play at the same time! In the past when we have agreed to capture family weddings, we do get trapped between trying to catch up with people and do our job at the same time. Neither can you have a decent conversation with anyone (and totally not concentrating while you are trying to listen) but you can also miss a vital shot!

After a few years of these situations becoming awkward, we just completely stopped..........until our cousin Priya asked us to do her wedding..

Now Priya has been a fundamental supporting role since we started our business over 10 years ago. She would always tell people she knew to book us, as she really believed in what we were doing right from the start. Priya is also a huge photography fan and goes nowhere without her camera. Always waiting for that special moment, Priya is alway on the prowl for a great shot. She has flown our flag for so many years and when she told us she was getting married, we just could not refuse her.

It was honestly a pleasure to capture your wedding Priya and witness you marrying Vishal, we could not be happier to see you both together! A few tasters below..