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Destination Wedding Photographer India

This is one of our favourite portraits, taken from the wedding of priest Kamal Pandey and his beautiful wife Geeta. After a very long day with a ceremony that was conducted by 11 priests, we decided to do their couple shots later on around dusk. The setting of the Kusum Sarovar Temple not only had religious links and amazing history, but it looks so beautiful. Having Geeta sitting in her gorgeous attire reminded us of a Moghul princess awaiting her Prince. To highlight Geeta and isolate her slightly from the background we used off camera flash which was triggered remotely and also held by the amazing Shiv Gopal who travelled with us and also attended the wedding. To our amazement a Bollywood movie was being shot at the same time, so the entire place was rigged with lighting and fresh flowers were layed all over various parts of the temple, so we got to use the ambience and the petals. This really was the icing on the cake for this shot. It was a stunning location and one we can never forget. Kamal & Geeta thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

Location: Kusum Sarovar Vrindavan India.