Destination weddings can be very demanding for any photographer. Not only do we have to carry on with our normal activities, but alongside this we also have to deal with jetlag, general tiredness, climatisation and carrying heavy loads of kit in taxis, buses, airports and hotels. The glamorous 'lure' of being an 'International Wedding Photographer' is very assumed and one which can be a big shock for anyone who is inexperienced.

As a Photographer you have to be very resilient to many changes such as extreme climate change, but also cultural differences. You have to be open to capture anything at any given time, which means being alert 100% of the time which can be mentally, very draining. Many photographers get into a habit of capturing very similar shots to their last 10 weddings, however on a destination shot you need to really be observing everything, because you want to highlight the differences for your couples photographs of being abroad.

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“Destination weddings can be very demanding for any photographer.”

When a client has paid for you to be in another country, you automatically feel additional pressure to go well over and beyond what you normally deliver as there is so much more to capture in terms of the setting. We always stress to clients to hire a photographer who is very experienced in shooting destination weddings, or you could be wasting your money, no matter how much of a good deal it appears to be.

We cannot highlight enough to couples the importance of hiring a credible photographer to shoot their destination wedding. Please ensure that they have the relevant experience to undertake the job, so that they have the ability to deliver you a great story at the same time!