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Indian Wedding Photography at Newland Manor

Now this is really good fun. After the wedding ceremony has taken place and everybody has had their lunch, we normally settle down for Koda Kodi, which means The Games. In the olden days when arranged marriages were very common, the couple would not really know each other, so to break the ice after the wedding they would play these games. One of the games is chasing the ring. This is where a steel bowl or similar type of object is filled with milk. Colour is added to the milk with rose petals, stones and coins. A ring is placed in the milk. The object of the game is that on the count, the first person to retrieve the ring is the winner. It can be 3 or 5 rounds. Our fun loving couple Mihir & Noopur are on the last round here, but they both managed to locate the ring at the same time and were joint winners! This is the first time we had ever witnessed this happen and glad we captured the moment!

Location: Newland Manor.