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Jay & Rakhee Indian Wedding - Hilton park Lane

A very emotional capture at Jay & Rakhee's Indian Wedding Reception at the Hilton Park Lane in London. 

During the Vidhai (bride's leaving ceremony) Rakhee's mum was very tearful, but it was a beautiful moment when she was being comforted by her husband and son. A very special family moment indeed.

We always think of our own little daughter as we shoot this part of the ceremony. Some people are very sceptical about the whole crying approach to this part of the day. Youngsters especially feel that it is unnecessary as they will firstly be having a reception party soon after to celebrate and maybe moving around the corner.

What they fail to understand is the view from a parents perspective. Its about your little girl growing up and now becoming a woman in her own home. For the parents the tears are not just about their dear little daughter leaving them, its also the realisation that she has grown up and now in the doorway of having her own family.

This can be a very big shock for some parents and they really do get emotional.

We also become teary eyed behind the lens at this point, it can be very tense but at the same time we get to witness some of the really beautiful moments that life has to offer..

Location: Hilton Park Lane.

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