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Komal & Vinod Hindu Swaminarayan Temple Wedding - Willesden

This was a really beautiful moment captured at Komal & Vinod's indian wedding. This is one of the key parts of the ceremony where the couple walk around the fire also known as the Havan.  (There are some variations however on how some priests conduct this part) The groom normally leads for the first three rounds.

After this, he walks behind the bride, who leads the last round (or three, depending on the type of ceremony), thus signifying that the wife will always lead the husband in life.

As Komal started to lead her husband on this fourth round, you could see the deep thought on her face.

During these rounds, family and friends shower their blessings in the way of flower petals and in this case gorgeous fresh red rose petals!

We love this capture for this very reason, the blessings are being showered on this new couple as the bride leads her husband into a new life together..... a wonderful moment to witness!

Location: Willesden Temple, London.

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