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Alpesh & Ria Wedding - Quendon Parklands

This was a fabulous moment during the games (kodakodi) after Alpesh & Ria's wedding ceremony.

The game traditionally used to be held as an ice breaker for the newlyweds. This was because when arranged marriages used to take place, the couple would actually meet on the day they were getting married.

Therefore as some fun for the couple and the guests a game of 3 rounds would be held where they would have to find a ring in a container of milk and rose petals. 

The priest would bury the ring amongst other obstacles in the milk such as small pebbles and shells.

It was said that the winner of this game would 'wear the trousers' in the marriage.

This photography shows Alpesh taking the third round and really screaming out his joy.

Ria on the other hand even while smiling, shows some disbelief that he actually won!

We love the angle of this image and how it shows not just the couple, but the expressions of friends and family as well as priest Vasudev Mehta.

Location: Quendon Parklands.