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Indian Wedding Reception at Beaumont House

This shot is hilarious and really shows the expressions we can capture during speeches. We were at the grand reception of Satya & Nisha at Beaumont House in Windsor, Berkshire. Speeches had begun and Satya's friends had come up as normal to embarrass the groom. But nobody could have been prepared for Satya's brother Trishul who absolutely went in for the kill. He really tore Satya to shreds and came out with stories that were never meant to be heard. Satya's mum tried so much to control herself, but with the content that was coming out, she just could not help but burst into hysterical laughter. You can see Satya in the background with a half embarrassed, half stunned look as to what kind of material was being thrown at him. We were all in hysterics and we actually found it difficult to shoot this speech because we were all rolling around on the floor. Satya, for your reputation and sanity we will not repeat the speech here! It was really nice to receive an award from the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) for this photo.

Location: Beaumont House, Windsor.

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