Sher & Shital what can we say! It's been a month since the wedding and we miss you guys so much! From the first day we met you guys we were totally at ease and loved that we all got on so well!

There is no doubt in our minds in the choice we had made. The photos captured at all events have been outstanding, you have truly managed to capture all the emotions and feelings that were felt in each event from start to finish.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and we can't wait to see the rest of the pictures and know for sure we will be able to treasure the moments you have captured for many years to come. A big thank you to James and Asha also who were so lovely to work with and were in complete control and managed everything so well! You're all a wonderful team and honestly can't thank you enough, our fairytale would not have been complete without you! Miss you guys!!

Prakash & Neema xx

Sher and Shital, thank you, thank you, thank you for capturing our special day(s) and telling OUR story with your beautiful pictures.

You guys are such a great team, Sher you truly have a great eye for taking amazing photos and not forgetting Shital, you ensured everything ran flawlessly and you managed Sher with such ease. (hehehe)

Thank you for your dedication and passion throughout and even with the final presentation you both enabled us to relive our wedding(s) again however, now we have the difficult task of deciding which ones we want for the album! We can't thank you enough.

Chetan & Vanessa x

Hi Sher and Shital!

We just wanted to say a massive thanks for the amazing photos of our wedding day and the sensational way you've used them to create our album. Not only are we extremely grateful for the wonderful photos, but we also appreciate that you always made plenty of time to talk to us about what we wanted. You were the bit of calm in the madness that is wedding planning.

After the pre-wedding shoot, we knew you would take exactly the kind of pictures we wanted and despite the fact Louise hates having her picture taken, we both really enjoyed the day.

At the wedding we have no idea how you managed to get such wonderful shots while being so discreet. Looking back at the photos, we can see that you must have been rushing around to capture the perfect shot and constantly alert to avoid missing a single second; something we had no idea of on the day. We barely knew the cameras were there! As well being in charge of capturing our memories, you actually did a lot more than that on the day! You were a calming presence and it was reassuring to see friendly, smiling faces around us.

We had a wonderful day and although we can't relive it, the beautiful photos that you've taken will help us remember it for years to come. We are so proud of the album...

Boom-ting pics, great fun and fantastic people!!

Amar & Louise

It's really hard to sum up how truly wonderful i-maani photography are as we have so much to say. Sher and Shital are amazing people!! They really love what they do. They take each and every picture from the heart. From the first day we met these two wonderful people we have never felt like we were paying them for a service. We felt as though they are family. It's so important to have photographers with whom you can connect with and feel comfortable with.

We see that they genuinely enjoy capturing the most important and precious days of your lives. i-maani offer something unique, special and give a warm feeling about the way they conduct their work. Our pictures are now our memories and they have given us the chance to look back at these special days for many years to come. We love Sher and Shital's magical work and we are so happy to not only have these memories but to have these two people as our true friends and family x

Shyam & Shilpa

Thank you Thank you Thank you for having me over last week to view our wedding photos for the first time on the big screen! It was great seeing you both and the photographs are out of this world! It feels like a dream but your hard work and talent made everything feel so real!

Brilliant job guys! Cant wait to show the family but still keeping them waiting a wee bit longer! Just for fun!

Thank you so much! Scotland ♥'s you both! xxx

Sonny & RajKiran

Hey guys!!

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you both for shooting all our wedding functions!!

It was great seeing you again at the viewing and the slide-show simply blew us away - you've captured every emotion we felt throughout the wedding and every single image reflects the creativity, passion, artistry and sheer hard work that i-maani is all about!

The service you guys provided is the undoubtedly the best we have experienced having dealt with so many wedding vendors over the past couple of years. Your patient, understanding and personable approach is a huge asset to you both and you have the unique ability to understand exactly what we wanted from that very first meeting we had with you.

We were really impressed with the way you both worked during our wedding functions, we hardly noticed you were there and yet you have managed to get the most amazing shots and covered every event in great detail…! We'll never forget the "i-maani" smile you gave us every time we caught each others eye, just to reassure us that everything is going well!

Having you guys with us from our engagement ceremony through to the pre-wed shoot and the all of the wedding functions enabled us to feel incredibly comfortable with you by the time the big day came! We didn't realise how important it is to have this relationship until we experienced this with you..

You guys are a huge hit with all our family and friends - everyone loves you guys and you really became massive part of our wedding!

You've given us memories that we will cherish forever and every time we watch the slideshow we'll think of the fun times we had working with you…

Sad that it's all over but really happy to have found new friends!

Wishing you guys all the best for the future!

Loads of love

Vikesh & Bindya

Hi Sher & Shital.

Rohin and I want to say a huge thank you! From the beginning you have been amazing. We really appreciated the time you took to invite us round before the wedding and show us some of your previous wedding photography (which we loved straight away!). We also are really grateful for your advice about planning the day to make sure that it all ran smoothly and so we had time for everything. On the day you made us feel so at ease and relaxed and you made all our friends and families feel the same. We really enjoyed having you there as part of our wedding :).

We are so happy with the photos - they are amazing! You have captured everything and more! It's so nice to see the bits we missed as well as all the detail! Nothing was missed. They are just perfect!

We're now spoilt for choice of which ones to pick for our album!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Hopefully see you both soon.

Rohin & Nishi xxxx

Hi Guys

We just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your efforts over the last year with preparations for our wedding. From the pre-wed shoot to the wedding day you were absolute professionals and your work is truly amazing. The delivery of the photos today was very emotional and you have done a great job on EVERY photo. Can't thank you enough or describe how I feel.....just so happy!

Lots of Love

Sev & Suna xx